Who Uses This Application?

This universal application is used by veterinarian businesses, animal shelters, clinics, hospitals, and their clients. For animal care providers, this new comprehensive system does not replace their existing business operation technology, it is integrated as an "Add-in". Their clients have the opportunity to register their pets with the most innovative identification technology available today.

A smart phone scan of a microchip or QR Code displays complete pet identification on the scanning device. This leads to several other features such as managing the administration of medication or instantly reporting a lost pet. In addition, medical records can be requested and viewed, as well as an option for clients paying invoices remotely.


How soon can we begin to use this service?

Almost Immediately

We will first need to know what veterinarian business software system you are currently using. If it is one that currently accepts our "Add-in" connection, we will send you a link to download and install our "Add-In" module. Upon successful installation and approval, you will complete the PayPal subscription payment. The system will then create and activate your Pet Master ID database that will store owner and pet information for the purpose of creating and maintaining pet ID cards and optional QR Coded tags and/or collars. You will also receive an email with your Account ID and startup information. At that time you can define the internal business users of the system.

How do we access our account in this system?

Your browser

Use your normal Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and Safari. You can typically enter the normal URL of www.PeTTagLLC.com or you can have someone put a link on your website to this URL. Click the "SignIn" button and enter your Account ID, User Name and Password to sign in. When you obtain your account we suggest creating a shortcut or link directly to the "SignIn" page, which is: http://www.PeTTagLLC.com/signin.aspx


Do we have to backup our data?


All of your data is backed up daily.

Can we access our account 24/7/365?

Yes, with one minor exception

Typically, you will have 24/7 access except when there is a need for us to apply maintenance or hardware changes. We expect these outages to be short in duration and performed during off hours. We will schedule these down times when the system is typically least used. We will notify all users of scheduled system outages by posting an alert on the Home page and SignIn page of the website. We may also notify you by email.


Is there a limit to the number of internal business users that can use our account?


You're probably only going to have a few people maintaining pet identification data that necessitates the need to have a new laminated QR Code pet ID card. In addition, they can create and print temporary QR Codes for attachment to the back of a business card.

Is there an additional charge for new versions?


Once you become a client of this service you will receive all updates and upgrades to newer versions at no additional cost. As a subscriber to the service you will never be subject to an increase as long as you maintain your current subscription. If you cancel your subscription and wish to sign up again in the future, you will be required to pay the offered rate at that time.


How do we pay for this service?

Credit card

We require that you establish a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly and yearly fees are displayed on the Signup page. Just click on the monthly or yearly button to see what the current rates are. You receive a discount by choosing the yearly subscription. We use PayPal to process your credit card subscription. You don't have to have a PayPal account to complete the subscription transaction. By using PayPal we don't ever have to store any of your credit card information.

How do we contact you with questions we may have?

Go to our Support page

The fastest way to get your questions answered is to utilize our support page. Submit your questions there and we will respond as quickly as possible.


Can users of this application change their password at any time?


After you sign in, go to the User page and click on the "Change Password" link.

Is this considered Cloud Computing?


This service is considered to be in the Cloud Computing category because the users of this system do not have to have their own hardware, software, or operations facility to use or maintain this service. This is the most cost effective way to have use of a service like this.


Could we install this application on our own Server?

Yes, possibly

We have an option to do a local install on your Network or Server for a separate license agreement and fee. Contact us for the options available to you based on your current network configuration.


Does this system generate and send any emails?


This application sends emails in the following situations:

When you sign-up for this service.

When you have a support request.

When you have a need to recover a lost password.

When another veterinarian business requests the medical history of a pet under your care.

When we schedule a system maintenance outage.

Whenever we need to alert you with important information. WE NEVER SEND SPAM.

When a pet service has been completed and includes a link for the client to pay invoice remotely.

When a pet has been reported lost. Pet owner receives notification email, even if owner reports loss, as a security feature.

When a pet has been reported lost. Primary pet care provider owner receives notification email.


How does this application know when administration of a dose of medicine is overdue?

Analysis of scheduled events

It indicates when to administer a dose based on daily dosage frequency. The system knows when an "administer dose" was missed. It will never double up if a dose was missed. A date and time log entry is created for each dose that was administered and reported to this system. Missed doses are indicated in the log.

Since this application uses QR Codes attached to Tags and/or other media, can anyone scan the QR Code with any device that has a QR Code Reader installed?


However, that device must have Internet access in order to display information about a specific pet.


Can there be more than one QR for a pet?


The caveat is that multiple copies of the QR Code can be created for a specific pet, but they will all have the same code. This is a convenience for the Client. If the Client needs to check the current status of administering medicine to a pet, the Client could use the laminated QR coded card and scan it. This would produce the same result as locating the pet and scanning the QR code attached to its collar. The Client could even have a temporary QR coded label attached to a magnet on the refridgerator for convenient scanning.

Is the QR code scanning process fast and easy?


It is exceptionally fast and always displays the most current information about the specific pet assigned to that QR Code.


Can this application easily locate the owner of a lost pet?


Simply scan the QR Code attached to the pet's collar. Scroll to bottom and click on the green button that says "Custom Email". This email will be sent to the owner of the pet. Put your contact information in the email and send it.


Do I have to manually add each of my clients and pets to the database?


Since this "Add-in" retrieves pet owner and pet information from your current veterinarian business software system there is no need to perform double data entry or double maintenance.

How do we create QR Codes for attachment to pets or other object?

The veterinarian's business

First, when a pet owner purchases a PetMasterID subscription for their pet through their veterinarian business, two laminated QR Coded ID cards will created and mailed to the pet owner's address. The pet owner can at any time thereafter purchase addional QR Coded pet tags and/or collars for their pet. The veterinarian business also has the capability to print a temporary QR Coded label and attach it to a business card.


What kind of printers are best suited for printing the QR Codes?


Small printers in the $50 to $100 range work very well. One particular printer that we like is the Dymo or Dymo Turbo. QR Codes can be printed in various sizes. We suggest a one inch by one inch QR code size that most scanners read very quickly.


What role does the client of a veterinarian perform?

Support Team

Since the client is usually the owner of the pet, they can use this tool to aid in administering medication to the pet on a proper schedule determined by this application. For example, by merely scanning the QR Code of the pet with an iPhone or similar device, the device displays whether it is currently an acceptable time to administer the correct dose of medicine to the pet.

When a dose is administered, the client merely taps the green Admin button to notify the system that the dose was administered. After taping the green button it will turn white with no text. The system then adjusts the various quantities and calculates the date and time for the next dose to be administered. When the system determines the current time is within the range of administering the next dose, it will display as green with the word "Admin". This cycle will continue every day until all of the medication has been administered.


Does this system keep track of all prescription type medication prescribed for our client's pets?


When a pet has completed its' currently prescribed medication, the system retains the data in an "Archived" status.